Sunday, July 9, 2017


Documentary about the New York Times obituary writers. 

•Going into this movie I figured the obituary writers would be slightly odd and morbid but they weren't. They're just normal people doing their job. 
•It was interesting to see just what goes into writing an obituary- interviewing family members, research, deciding how long/short it should be, what if any pictures to use etc. Sometimes they have awhile to write them (in certain cases they write them years in advanced for celebrities who are getting up there in years or whose lifestyle might send them to an early grave) and other times it must be done quickly. For example, they talk about how Michael Jackson died in the late afternoon. Because of that, they only had about four hours to sum up his entire life. 
•Decently paced. 

•While I thought this movie was pretty good, it does follow the standard things you see in a typical documentary and doesn't try to set itself apart. 
•Unless you're really interesting in this subject, I wouldn't really suggest seeing this in theaters. If you're bored on a Saturday afternoon and there's nothing else better on, watch this on tv or Netflix. 

My Rating: 6.5/10

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