Sunday, June 25, 2017

Slack Bay

SPOILER ALERT: It's almost impossible for me to review this movie without giving away a few slight spoilers. Nothing major though I promise. Honestly, this is one of those movies that I'm sure most of you won't see. 

Set in 1910. A wealthy family visits their summer house in Slack Bay for an extended vacation. While there, the come across a police investigation into the disappearance of several tourists in the area. 

•I'll give director Bruno Dumont credit for doing something different. This was unlike any other movie I've seen this year. 
•Most of the acting was fine. 
•The movie was shot well. It had this almost dreamlike quality to it. 
•Nice locations. 

•Had a very odd, dark sense of humor that, while not necessarily bad, I personally didn't care for. I can see why others might like it though. In many ways it reminds me of The Lobster. 
•Random incest and cannibalism. I seem to be seeing more and more movies and tv shows doing that these days. What's up with that?
•The only actress I recognized in this was Juliette Binoche (she's worked with this director before). Normally I'm a big fan of her work but her character in this was so over the top and downright annoying. Eventually more is revealed about her backstory and you can understand why she is the way she is but still. Take it down a few notches. 
•Didn't need to be two hours long. It drags so much at times. They could've easily cut out a good 20-30 minutes. 

My Rating: 6/10

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